Wall Series

Wall Series Louvre Roofs are fixed to a structural exterior wall, which supports the roof without the need for support columns (against the wall), that may obstruct windows, doors or walkways.  This is especially useful for small or awkward spaces,  and opens up a world of choices for outdoor living areas.


A freestanding Bask louvre roof is a self-supporting structure that immediately creates an outdoor living room wherever you need a stylish and flexible shelter for your home.  Designed by Kiwis for NZ homes, Bask freestanding louvre roofs are built for year-round use,  to extend your outdoor living options.


Integrating a Bask louvre roof into your outdoor shelter adds a level of flexibility for outdoor living which a fixed pergola doesn’t offer.  Users can choose to open or close the Bask louvre roof as they like, to get reliable protection from rain showers, burning sun, annoying wind, or let in light on dull days and more air on hot days.

Sliding Glass Doors

Designed with NZ’s unique weather conditions in mind, Glaslide sliding doors are suitable for a wide range of locations and a range of glass thicknesses (10mm-15mm) is available to cope with differing wind pressures throughout our Island nation.